What is roll forming machine ?

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What is roll forming machine ?

What is roll forming machine ?

The main purpose of Roll Form machines is to provide shaping services by bringing metal sheet materials into the desired shape.In general, the sheet enters the machine straight and takes shape gradually, and the desired shape is given to the sheet metal from the beginning of the machine to the end. Generally, roll form machine consist of roll molds, automation unit and cutting unit. It is used to obtain easy and faster results in shaping and cutting many materials, especially galvanized sheet material. Roll-form machines are used in many sectors today. Construction, agriculture, greenhouse industry are some of these sectors.

What are the benefits of roll forming machine ?

Roll forming machine models are designed in accordance with the technology in many different ways according to the demand. Thanks to the machines designed using rollforming technology;

  • Stable and priority quality productions are made.
  • The same dimensions and shapes are obtained in each of the products.
  • Energy savings are provided.
  • High production volumes are achieved thanks to the machine speed.
  • Ensures more efficient use of time and human quality by keeping the number of labor and personnel to a minimum.
  • It is possible to obtain all shapes with certain sheet thicknesses and dimensions.

What is the working principle of the Rollform Production Line?

Rolled or plated sheets enter the machine in the desired form thanks to the sheet entry apparatus. The sheet that moves between the molds from the first station to the last station takes the desired shape. It is not allowed to change shape at the machine exit by passing through the rectifier molds to be sent straight to the cutting unit later on. The sheet reaching the cutting unit is cut to the desired size with the command entered into the machine from the automation system. Drilling and cutting unit may also vary according to demand. The shape of the machine, which can be given in a much longer time by hand but with manual machines, is given in a very short time thanks to the roll forming production line.

What are the Functions of Roll Form Lines?

Roll forming machine models or lines carry a variety of functionality. These functionalities can be listed as follows;

  • Sheets can be drilled, unloaded and shaped.
  • Forms that are punched after rollform forming or that have bent edges and middle parts are formed.
  • Pre-cut materials are formed without wastage.
  • In-line welding, drilling and cutting-to-length operations can be performed at the end of the line.

Rollform Machine Units

There are some units in roll form machines, which are designed in accordance with various sizes and demands. These units add more functionality to the machines. These units are;

  • Uncoilers,
  • Sheet entrances,
  • Forming molds,
  • Encoder
  • Rectifying molds
  • Cutting unit
  • Drilling unit
  • Automation system
  • Conveyor or stacking stands.


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